The weather is cold again!


After getting a bit warmer, the weather here has turned cold again, it seems so weird at this time of the year! cold, cloudy and rainy …and unfortunately we are stuck at home again 😦

I am on a diet over the past 3 weeks and I could lose weight 3 kg, I will continue for the next 3 weeks or until I lose 6 kg totally and return to my normal weight indeed!

Happy International Mother’s Day!

Happy International Mother’s Day!

our kindest wishes of  Health, peace and happiness for all mothers, mothers-to-be  and children

and…all fathers from all over the world!

and specially to my best Mom ever!


Blueberry yogurt ice-cream!

The summer is getting closer and closer, and for you (and I) enjoying everyday playground, then having blueberry yogurt ice-cream, which you love! (but not for me, I am on a diet!)