Arteen dancing on Queen’s Day in Amsterdam!



Raw Onion Lover?!

My baby , You love to eat raw onion! just like your father!

A friend’s birthday!

Third Thursday!

It was a friend’s birthday today in Kindergarten! he turned 3 years old,

my sweet baby! You enjoyed sitting at the table next to the other babies!

but unfortunately you scared of loud noises while they were singing, you were about to cry twice! because you are the smallest one in classroom!

During the first year of your life you got scared by everything loud so easily and just start screaming and crying…

Earth day!

My Little Arteen!

Today is April 22nd 2012,

and you are 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days old!

*Happy Earth Day*

One year Passed!


Today is exactly one year since you and I arrived in Netherlands, One year growing up in a country where is not belong to us though,

the fact is: Life Belongs to Usthe existence of you, means that our life is much more better than it was before…

 One Year Older and Wiser Too…

P.S. This post is the hundredth post of this blog!

Kindergarten for the second time!

My little baby,

Thursday again and Kindergarten again!

Same as the last week, I was waiting out of the classroom, sitting on a coach and watching you through the window every 5 minutes!

“When you are far from me, I really think of you”

It was supposed for us to stay there one hour but It took 30 minutes longer, Since you wanted to play more, although you got tired and hungry!

To tell the truth,  I still don’t know whether we made a good decision to bring you to kindergarten at the age of 2 or not, while the other babies are older than you, and they can talk pretty good, I am really worried and hope everything goes well with you…

You applaud yourself  by clapping your hands  and say “Assiii” which means “Dasstii=Dast=hand” for each part of the puzzle done!

My lovely Arteen’s first day of kindergarten

My Sweetheart baby!

Today you are 2 years  2 months and 6 days old, first day of kindergarten was a special day for you and stressful one for me! The first time that the life separated us, just for 45 minutes!

We got started with one hour a week and will gradually increase the time !

I guess you are the youngest and the smallest baby in the class,

You like to steps on the colorful circles on the ground and interest in wooden jigsaw puzzles for kids more than other toys!

I am sure you will love and enjoy this beautiful place with your two lovely Dutch teachers!

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