Merry Christmas!

Our Sweetheart! We wish you a Merry Christmas!

A Healthy Body, A Relaxed Mind, A Heart full of Love, A Peaceful Soul & A Joyful Spirit
..All these are our Prayers for You..

You have received lots of wonderful gifts from family and friends!


Yalda! longest night of the year! (Winter Solstice)

“Shab-e Yalda refers to the longest night of the year which has been celebrated ever since the ancient times in Persian history. The word “Yalda” means birth in Syriac and is marked as the birthday of Mithra, the ancient Persian god of light and cosmic order, also called the son of Ahura Mazda, dating back as early as 5000 B.C.”

“On the eve of the longest night, Iranians celebrate the birth of the sun, Mithra or Mehr, by family and friends gathering together reading poetry, story telling, feasting on pomegranate seeds, slices of sweet watermelons, fall fruit of persimmon, grapes, dried fruits of apricots and figs, ajil(nuts), and drinking tea into late hours of the night. Reading poetry from our renowned Persian poet Hafez has become an integral part of our Yalda tradition and is my favorite part of the Yalda celebrations.”

“Depending on the shift of the calendar, Yalda is celebrated on or around December 20 or 21 each year.”

As we are Persian, I love the cultural traditions that come alive during Yalda and Noruz and…, insistently need to teach you all these beautiful traditions which is like the blood in our veins, and prove our great civilisation, I need to show you how much these kinds of events and ceremonies are meaningful and joyful that make the family members kindly gather together, reading divan-e Hafez, listening to the music, talking, laughing, eating…etc.

ای سروناز حسن که خوش میروی به ناز      عشاق را به ناز تو هر لحظه صد نیاز

فرخنده باد طلعت خوبت که در ازل     ببریده اند بر قد سروت قبای ناز

 The sight of you each morning is a New Year

any night of your departure is the eve of Yalda



My Arteen’s handprint on the window!

both right hand!

I loved your dark eyes, curly hair and… your long fingers!

I love every single cell of your blessed body!

I love your blessed soul! 

Small gathering!

My sweetheart!

Last night we attended a small gathering with some friends after such a long time for me and you! the party was somehow for us that is why I couldn’t ignore…

At the beginning for around the first one hour you enjoyed a lot, had lots of fun and so excited!  little by little you got tired and hungry!  I wonder why you eat nothing in other places except our house! (however I know the answer!)

finally you started nagging and crying…therefore we would have rathered return back home!

Arteen is enjoying and having fun!

Arteen and uncle Andreas’ Guitar collection

Although today was sunday, all the shops were opened, the city is colorful and alive,  the traditional red, green and gold is as popular as ever in Christmas decorations which change the soul of this beautiful calm small city… amazing decorated christmas trees can be seen inside the houses and the stores!  God bless ! I love Weesp and it’s people!

” You and I “

I hug you while we are sleeping, exactly the same way ! You are my lovely kitten!

Cat mom hugs baby kitten!


“Children should get lots of love, hugs and kisses from their parents”

Sinterklaas and Uncle Miled!

Today you had a beautiful busy day! Uncle Miled was our guest,

 Thanks to him for making you joy, laugh and having fun!

First wrestling by uncle Miled!




At the evening time there was a Christmas reception as an outdoor activity in our neighborhood…

OOooh my sweety, No need to be afraid of Saint Nicholas who is  very kind and generous not only to children but also to everybody, he is thinking ” how he can make you smile!” 

You enjoyed taking photo with these two beautiful lovely ladies!

***At the good ending….Pony riding!***

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